TBA Announce Cash Bonus for P2P Mares

Point-to-Point mares will have the opportunity to win a bonus of up to £3,000 in any of the three end-of-season bumpers run under Rules on licensed racecourses.

The 3-2-1 Bonus, offered by the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association, aims to encourage more owners to test their mares on the Point-to-Point circuit and to provide those proven horses the opportunity to progress to the National Hunt racing programme.

Exeter (22nd April), Aintree (19th May) and Stratford (9th June) racecourses will host the qualifying bumpers in 2017.

The 3-2-1 Bonus will operate on a sliding scale with the highest placed mare receiving a £1,000 bonus, a further £1,000 if she is British bred and another £1,000 if she is owned by a TBA member. The prize will apply to the first five finishers only.

Robert Waley-Cohen, chairman of the TBA’s NH committee said; “We are delighted to offer this new initiative which we hope will assist the PPA to create opportunities for fillies and mares in Point-to-Points. The TBA’s highly successful NH breeders’ schemes have focussed on testing the ability of mares by racing them prior to their breeding careers and this initiative should help replicate this in Point-to-Point.

“The domestic NH breeding industry is  producing top quality thoroughbreds –  most notably this season when Sizing John won the Cheltenham Gold Cup  –  and we hope that by improving opportunities within Point-to-Pointing more British bred horses will rise through Point-to-Pointing to the highest levels of NH racing. We would like to thank the PPA, BHA, racecourses and their sponsors, for their ongoing support for this initiative.”

Clare Hazell, chief executive of the Point-to-Point Authority (PPA) said: “The TBA’s innovative contribution to the mares’ bonus scheme is a significant and much appreciated addition to the series of the Point-to-Point bumpers run under Rules.”

For further information on the bonus, terms and conditions visit www.thetba.co.uk


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