Yorgunnabelucky (USA)


Bay, 2006, to stud 2013, 16.1 h.h. (1.65 m.)


Mickley Stud is situated in North Shropshire and comprises of some 250 acres with access to a further 380 acres which enables us to rotate regularly, allowing fresh pasture which is supplemented by the grazing of beef cattle and sheep, making it fertile land and an excellent place to rear Racehorses.

Large paddocks and a tranquil setting allow the horses freedom of space, helping to develop their bone structure and lungs whilst in a natural habitat. Running the youngsters in matched groups fosters their completive temperament as they play and helps to develop their lungs and limbs.

The gently undulating pastures promote balance and encourage muscle development.

We have 80 stables at Mickley Stud mainly incorporating front grill sections to optimise viewing and built in specified barns with high apex roofs and slatted backdrops to allow maximum ventilation. We have a separate 18 stable pre training unit, located just two miles away and another satellite yard in the locality which provides us with another 15 isolation stables.


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